My name is Kali Orenstein.  I am a Junior enrolled at Grand Valley State University.  I work at a daycare when I am not in school and absolutely love my position there.  My majors are Mathematics and Education with a minor of elementary certification.  I do not know what grade I want to teach yet but am pretty sure it is either upper elementary or middle school.

Right now I am enrolled in an Math class here at GVSU.  Within the class I have to go to a middle school to practice lessons.  I plan to post blogs based off of this experience along with strengths and weaknesses I have throughout it as often as I can.

I love the fact that I am becoming a teacher.  I plan to enrich students lives one-by-one and make a noticeable difference throughout.  The fact that it is possible for me to do those thing is what attracts me to teaching.

My vision for an ideal math classroom involves exploring and questioning while working independently and within others ideas.  I think that mathematics is especially unique because of the unknown outcome of it.  Every question has an answer and every answer has another proposed question.  My classroom will involve lots of bouncing ideas, group work, and partner work.