1. National-Level Educational Organization
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Social Media Outlets:
    • $90/year, full membership
    • $117/year, full membership plus a research journal.
  • When you join NCTM, you gain access to all our expertise, tips, lessons, research, connections, and insights. And with all that, you get results—in the classroom and in your career.
  • It comes with a Journal and 25% off an education book.  It also comes with a set of lesson plans.
  • Annual Conference is April 13-16 $365 for a full time membership in the early bird registration.

2. State-Level Educational Organization

  • The Educational Technology Organization of Michigan
  • Social Media Outlets
    • I was unable to locate any links to social media outlets.
    • $300.00 Institution (First Year)
    • $175.00 Institution (Each Year after First Year)
  • Benefits?
    • Professional development conferences
    • Workshops
    • Discount telecourse and other packaged course licenses
    • PBS statewide discount licenses
    • Database Resources including statewide distance education enrollment figures
    • Statewide distance education listserv
    • Discount teleconference licenses
    • Resource for information on the latest technologies
    • Networking advantages
    • Distance education research
    • National / state voice for instructional telecommunications issues
  • You have access to instructional telecommunications issues.
  • November Conference, $75 for members.