1. https://twitter.com/literacydocent

K-5 Literacy Coach. Avid reader & recommender. Devoted to inspiring life-long literacy habits!

2. https://twitter.com/staceymoore

3rd grade teacher from kentucky: infrequently tweets about being a mom and teacher.

3. https://twitter.com/katsok

She is a mom and a 5th grade teacher.  She also helps out with book club.  She posts updates about her classroom environment.

4. https://twitter.com/lindayollis

She has been an elementary teacher for 29 years strong.  She is big on blogging and even has her students contribute.

5. https://twitter.com/colbysharp

He is a 3rd grade teacher.  He also helps out with book club. He mainly tweets about books, and his classroom.  There are also some cute classroom videos and pictures.

6. https://twitter.com/kellys3ps

M.Ed 3rd and 4th Grade (looping) Teacher,  She is excited to share and collaborate with teachers all over the world.  Her tweets consist of books, teacher advice, and blogs.

7. https://twitter.com/frankisibberson

She is a 3rd grade teacher, reader, and blogger.  Most of her tweets consist of ratings of books, new book ideas, and blog posts.

8. https://twitter.com/pernilleripp

She is a 7th grade teacher and creator of the Global Read Aloud and author.  She posts about advice for teachers.

9. https://twitter.com/plnaugle

She is a 4th grade teacher with over 30 years of expericence.  Her tweets consist of ideas and advice for teachers.

10. https://twitter.com/donalynbooks

reader, author of The Book Whisperer & Reading in the Wild, & facilitator (where a few other tweeters said they help out with) , & co-host. She tweets quotes and books that she recommends.

11. https://www.instagram.com/whattheteacherwants/

She posts tips for inspired teachers.  Most of her post are pictures of new fun ideas.

12. https://www.instagram.com/applesandabcs/

She posts lots of different crafts that are good for classroom activities.

13. https://www.instagram.com/thepinspiredteacher/

She has a corky way going about sharing ideas and tips for teachers.

14. http://instagram.com/teachingspecialthinkers

She displays different ideas, games, and activities that allow for a fun and engaged classroom.

15. https://www.instagram.com/neatoday/

They discuss the importance of teachers having a voice and encourage all teacher to come together.

16. https://www.pinterest.com/tothecore/education-to-the-core/

They post great links to resources, ideas, and activities for in the classroom.

17. https://www.pinterest.com/erin_wing/new-teachers/

This pinterest is great for beginner teacher.  It includes lots of activities and ideas to help make your first classroom come to life.

18. https://www.pinterest.com/debbie_clement/anchor-charts-%2B-foldables/

This pinterest shows cool ways to use and make foldables in your classroom.  I will definitely use this in my future classroom.

19. https://www.pinterest.com/jenp761/literacy-centers/

This board helps early elementary teachers make lessons, plan activities, use calendars, and much more in their classroom.

20. https://www.pinterest.com/bonniekathryn/reading/

On this board are plenty of reading resources such as guides, centers, and more to include in your 1st or 2nd grade classroom.