1. http://theelementarymathmaniac.blogspot.com/ – This a great blog to go to when you are stuck, not knowing how to get through to certain students on specific troublesome mathematical concepts.  This Blogger does an excellent job of organizing their page so that anyone can find their specific grade level they are looking into without any troubles.
  2. https://beyondtraditionalmath.wordpress.com/ – On this website, there are multiple blog posts consisting of a variation of subjects all relating to mathematics.  While scrolling through the blogs, the main subjects I noticed were how to help teach mathematical misconceptions, different math related games, and how to get through to struggling learners.
  3. http://mrelementarymath.blogspot.com/ – This is more of a personal blog.  The blogger is called Mr. Math.  His main focus is to help teachers like himself deal with testing, working a 10 hour day and then blogging. His blogs consist of math games, activities and troublesome topics.
  4. http://denisegaskins.com/best-of-the-blog/ – This is my favorite blog thus far! The bloggers main focus is math games and activities to share with other math teachers around the world.  However, some fun stories about her students and other passions tend to sneak in her writing.  Since she has over 900 posts, she has collected her favorites as to not overwhelm the new readers.
  5. http://mathiselementary.blogspot.com/ – This blogger is a little less organized.  It seems as though she has plenty of good and useful information but it would be difficult if you were going in to look for a specific idea.  The main point of the blogger is to provide the reader with free and useful lesson plans and activities that she has used in her own classroom.
  6. http://www.math-lessons.ca/ – This site went about bloging in a whole different way.  The website has many links to activities and ideas but the blog just goes through all the different math concepts with different ideas to go along with each.
  7. http://www.stevespangler.com/blog/ – This blog seems to be more science related =unlike the past math ones.  The blog talks about steve spanglers experiences while he gives tips on how to handle certain situations pertaining to your classroom.
  8. http://denisegaskins.com/ – This blogger focuses on math games, videos, and books to use in the classroom.  Lately his main focus is on other math bloggers trying to get everyone to come together at a math blog carnival.
  9. http://blog.cathyjonelson.com/ – Cathy Jo shares her professional thoughts on different aspects of technology used in the classroom.  With this, she goes into detail on different books, videos, and activities pertaining to this subject.
  10. http://thefabulouslifeofanelementaryteacher.blogspot.com/ – On this blog site, there are mutliple blogs that all seem to be focused on one thing, this persons classroom.  I actually really like this blog becuase it allows me to really relate to what I will be going through in the near future while also supplying me with great ideas for every part of my classroom, mainly focusing on mathematics.