In my school, the kindergarten and first grade teachers share a cart of chrome books for their students.  These are always readily available for the teachers whenever they want to use them but there is only one cart so they must communicate with the other teachers when deciding how many they need and when they need them.  The kids love these because my CT allows a few out at a time as a must do for them to complete which includes them listening to a read aloud off of YouTube.

My teacher also has a doc camera in her classroom that works really well with lots of their days.  This allows her to play YouTube videos for the kids for brain breaks and also really help the kids with listening and using their fine motor skills appropriately during their project 64 time, which is a type of art lesson for the class.  The kids can watch my CT step by step during this time and really pay attention to little details which they may not notice otherwise.

One last thing my school has is a computer lab.  I love this, even for kindergarten because it allows them to practice logging on with their letters and numbers and play fun games that are very age appropriate and still have much of an educational meaning.