Cyber bullying is a form of bullying but takes place strictly over technology devices such as :

  • cell phones
  • computers
  • tablets
  • social media sites
  • text messages
  • chat
  • websites

Cyber bullying is a problem because for a couple reasons.  Technology is such a prominent thing in today’s society so it is readily available in some way for a majority of people to use.  With that being said, using this technology is an easy way to hit at someone without having to say something to their face.  There is a sense of bravery and assurance that comes along with this and allows anyone to say anything.  Not only that, but there are many sites and forms of technology that allow you to comment or get in contact with people anonymously so that they may not even be able to get “caught” in action.

What’s the worst that can happen?  Kids who are cyber bullying are more likely to:

    • Use alcohol and drugs
    • Skip school
    • Experience in-person bullying
    • Be unwilling to attend school
    • Receive poor grades
    • Have lower self-esteem
    • Have more health problems

According to Cyber bullying statistics from the i-SAFE foundation, well over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs.  To me, this shows how much of an impact it can have on an adolescent.  They may feel sad, scared, or even embarrassed that the bullying is taking place on them and effecting them.

One resource I could use in the classroom is a Cyber Bullying Video that is short and to the point, but can make a big impact on the students.