How to use it in the classroom?  Check out these amazing resources below!

This resource is a blog from an instructional technology consultant.  He goes into detail about the specifics one can do with this app/website.  This includes videos and pictures to physically show the words that he is expressing throughout the post.

This link comes straight from Wunderlist itself.  They give 4 teaching tips when using the app. Reading this provides a great way to inspire teachers to keep their classroom, students, and colleagues organized and on the same page throughout the year.

Another resource straight from Wunderlist, this site provides 3 tips but instead of for the teachers, these are for students.  These tips go into detail on getting books, staying organized, and preparing for class.

This site is direct towards high school students.  It is, in a way, a wake up call to prepare them for organization skills they will need in college.  Within the site, there is a list of bullet points to help students read the tips easily, along with a video to help show what the site is explaining.

This resource breaks Wunderlist down into three categories: Planning, Organization, and Time Management.  Within these categories we are introduced to how to best use the app to gain these skills.

This website is told through the voice of a teacher.  They explain how they use it in there classroom.  There is some great advice provided in here along with separating one class from another and track what students have completed what assignments.